Empire Parking Services Atlanta – EPS Atlanta

The guys at EPS are fantastic they are always very quick to resolve any issues I have with customers parking in paid parking spots. We share a lot with another business that also has a section very close to doors for customers who would like to pay to be close. We have noticed over the last few weeks more and more people trying to park without paying because they are going to be quick in and out of the complex. So last week I decided I would keep close watch and test how well the staff at EPS would respond and handle the situation, and boy did they ever. A pair of guys showed up in a flash and had the guys car booted within minutes talk about a deterrent we have not had a single person try to park without paying since. Thanks again to the guys at EPS I recommend anyone that owns payed parking lots to check you guys out.


I really have to say EPS is by far the best at parking enforcement in the area. I don’t do much reviewing or writing about businesses, but I felt they really deserved a comment about how great the customer service is at EPS. I own a apartment complex and there is a lot behind the buildings, but we decided it would be a nice improvement to add some special reserved parking in front of the main 2 buildings for tenants that would like to pay a little extra for front door parking. EPS takes care of everything for us they are very quick to respond to any issues so I can keep revenues as high as possible, best of all they offer a cost free service so you can focus on your business. We appreciate all the hard work guys thanks for everything you do.


What a day! I had my rental car booted today because I didn’t have my pass, it was totally my fault, but wow were they quick to boot the car, as if my day wasn’t bad enough. EPS quickly took care of me though, all it took was a simple phone call and they had a rep here in no time. Good to know EPS will show up quickly when a boot is put on purely by accident or in my case by owner being a complete air head and forgetting their parking pass. Thanks guys you do a great job! Always feel a little safer knowing how often your guys patrol our lot and I swear I will remember my pass the rest the week, while I have the rental car.


Thanks to all the staff at Empire Parking Services, not really a security service, but I do know they are always keeping an eye out and now the cops have our proof. Earlier this week one of the EPS parking reps came to boot a car that was seriously delinquent in dues when he noticed a suspicious looking guy sneaking around by a couple of cars ( its hilarious how obvious some of theses crooks are ) and decided to call the police. He casually alerted me to what was going on and went back to booting the car. The officers showed up while the guy was still there and they ended up arresting him on a warrant for stealing cars. Now that’s being aware of your surroundings really appreciate the great customer service you maintain.


So I started off having this great day after finishing the paperwork on my new Ford Edge, which I love by the way, and I come out of my work after bragging about how awesome my new car was to find my car had been booted in less than 3 hours of being inside my work. Man that’s so fast I should have known better than to try and push it without my pass. It really was no big deal though I have had my car booted because I left my pass at home before. The guys at EPS are really quick they are normally back to me within a matter of minutes of calling to remove the boot.


I never really can praise you guys enough. Its not a huge order to take care of my few properties, but I am taken care of with the same level of customer service as other larger companies using Empire Parking Services. Talk about a great service! No extra costs for your trained staff to check on my properties, because I really don’t have extra time to focus on keeping people from trying to scam free parking. EPS Atlanta takes care of all my headache work, you have a great staff. All the guys I have dealt with are very professional and have a good knowledge of what to do in any situation. One thing I wanted to add was when your guys first came out to give the free analysis of my property I really appreciated you breaking it into old man language, so I knew exactly what I needed to know after we were done talking.